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Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project is a major Thames Water infrastructure project in London. It aims to upgrade London’s sewerage system to increase capacity and avoid foul water discharges into the river.

The centrepiece of the project is the Thames Tunnel, an 8m-diameter, 25km-long tunnel bored under the Thames through central London. This will connect to existing sewers at a series of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) along the river.

We have provided a wide range of surveying support and expertise to the Tideway project. This includes:

  • Contextual topographic surveys around the CSOs including setting up and implementing safe systems of work for survey on the tidal foreshore.
  • PAS 128 Underground Utility Detection and Mapping involving local authority liaison with complex traffic management to access and provide chamber information on manholes and inspection covers located in the road carriageway.  
  • 3D laser scanning of the facades of nearby buildings and historical ornamentation on bridges and lamp posts including brick-by-brick surveys of the river wall.
  • High accuracy monitoring of the river wall at key CSOs.