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Aerial Drone Survey

Aerial Drones now serve as an invaluable tool in the acquisition of survey data for difficult to reach areas and expansive terrains, providing a solution that markedly improves efficiency compared to conventional survey methodologies. Our approach combines the collection of digital photographs and lidar point clouds from the drone with accurate coordination of ground control points using the fundamental principles of control survey and photogrammetry. The resulting data can be used to construct quality deliverables such as digital terrain models (DTMs) and topographical surveys.

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UAV Services

  • Aerial Mapping and Photogrammetry: Generate 2D maps and 3D models of your project site for precise analysis and decision-making such as stockpile analysis for cut and fill calculations.
  • Topographical Surveys: Obtain detailed elevation data and terrain models to support engineering and construction projects.
  • Building survey: Get data on those inaccessible roofs and elevations.
  • Asset Inspections: Monitor the condition of infrastructure, pipelines, power lines, and more with regular aerial inspections, identifying issues before they escalate.
  • Crop Monitoring: Optimise agricultural practices with aerial imagery and data analytics, allowing for targeted interventions and improved yields.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Assess environmental impact, track changes in vegetation, monitor wildlife habitats, and more with UAV-based surveys.

Get in touch to discuss your aerial survey needs. MJ Rees has its own in-house qualified drone pilots that are licensed and certified by the Central Aviation Authority (CAA).